Why do we need a Parliament?

Why do we need a Parliament?

In all democracies, an assembly of elected representatives exercises supreme political authority on behalf of the people. In India such a national assembly of elected representatives is called Parliament. At the state level this is called Legislature or Legislative Assembly. The name may vary in different -countries, but such an assembly exists in every democracy. It exercises political authority on e behalf of the people in many ways:

f 1 Parliament is the final authority for s making laws in any country. This t task of law making or legislation is so crucial that these assemblies 1 are called legislatures. Parliaments r all over the world can make new laws, change existing laws, or abolish existing laws and make new ones in their place.

2 Parliaments all over the world exercise some control over those who run the government. In some countries like India this control is direct and full. Those who run the government can take decisions only so long as they enjoy support of Parliament.

3 Parliaments control all the money that governments have. In most countries the public money can be spent only when Parliament sanctions it.

4 Parliament is the highest forum of discussion and debate on public issues and national policy in any country. Parliament can seek information about any matter.

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